06 October 2015


Last preseason game in the books, season opens on Friday, who couldn't be more excited you ask? THIS GUY!

On Saturday we saw a CBJ team the likes of which have never been seen before. Our defense was lights out which allowed us to outshout and ultimately outscore the preds. Saad had an impressive game getting him a top 3 star nomination. Foligno and Johansen played together like the best friends I'm sure they are. Passing was crisp and plays were nice neat and setup to perfection. This should do nothing but excite jackets fans everywhere. This is how a professional hockey team should play. This is how we make a deep run in the playoffs. This is how we win the cup. These are not goals that are out of reach for this young club with a lot of cap room and wonderful top line talents.

To leave you with anything it is this. It's about to be exciting in the heart of Ohio, for now and the foreseeable future. Welcome to cannon country.

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