29 September 2015


Well I know I've taken a bit of a hiatus after the first couples of days of UFA. But midway through the preseason I'm back and ready to bring you the best hockey opinion in central Ohio, mine. The preseason has let us see the playing styles of the possible future of our team. And you know what? So far I'm honestly not super impressed. We've seen the typical jackets style of play, being grinders more than shooters. We are getting out-shot by 10-20 shots a game, but we are hitting 3X more than anyone we play. I do believe there is a time and place for this type of play, and that is, the non-essential and preseason games. We don't have the skilled defensive players on every line to warrant not taking as many shots on net as we can possibly get in sixty minutes. But as true Union Blue supporters we grit our teeth and hope for some really really exciting games. Which we should get this season and hopefully in seasons to come. I really don't see why our boys in blue can't make it deep (possibly eastern finals deep). Until the season starts this is coach Krumm saying GO JACKETS!

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