02 July 2015

Gregory Campbell and free agency

So we had a very interesting first day of free agency yesterday. First and foremost we lost F Sean Collins to Washington, F Brian Gibbons to the New York Rangers, and F Mark Letestu to Edmonton. Letestu was a big hit for us as far as forwards go, he was a good worker and really gave his all. Gibbons (the lightning hobbit is what I call him), who played 50/50 with CBJ and Springfield, gave us tremendous speed up front when his line was on. Collins was an average producer but he played very well with others. These hits mostly hit us as far as numbers are concerned. A helpful pickup was the trade for Saad and the UFA Gregory Campbell. 

We all know about Saad what you might not know is that Campbell is not a goal scorer, he is a grinder. Columbus and Campbell go together like peanut butter and jelly. Campbell has the biggest don't quit attitude in the NHL, as seen here where he 1) lays down in front of a wicked slap shot to block it 2) Breaks his leg in the process and gets back up on it 3) FINISHES HIS SHIFT ON A BROKEN LEG! While he wasn't that efficient with a broken leg and all and it would have probably been better that he just went to the bench, this shows his tenacity and dedication. He is a guy with an enormous heart and will really give Columbus his all over the next two years. A clear 2nd or 3rd liner Campbell will strike the fear of God in anyone in his way when he puts that blue sweater on. Campbell the cannon is what I will be calling him from now on. We have a great mixture of young and old on our squad and I'm calling it now we are headed to the finals and in 2016 that cup will be paraded down high street and into it's rightful home in Nationwide. The 2015-2016 season is going to be the Jackets best ever and we have the crew who can really make our franchise into a dynasty for years to come. This is a very very exciting time in the capital city. 

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