10 October 2015

Twice the cannon did boom

What a game last night. 57 minutes of beautiful, physical, rivalry hockey. The blue shirts were being swarmed by Blue Jackets at every turn. Back and forth all night until finally in the third period the Jackets went up by one thanks to a beauty of a power play goal by Saad. Then tragedy struck the capital city. In fashion similar to last season we scored and played overconfident. With a turnover of the puck in our defensive end The Rangers center, Oscar Linberg, put one past Bob to tie it 2-2. And before the announcer could even give him credit over the P.A. system red lights flashed again for the Rangers, 3-2, thanks to right wing Kevin Hayes and a rookie mistake by Bob. Mats Zuccarello finished off the scoring shortly thereafter and with a two goal lead the Rangers ruin another home opener. Now the pressure is on the Jackets tonight against a New York team who the jackets had right where they wanted but failed on the defensive side of the ice. New York will be going with Henrik Lundqvist in goal again tonight and the Jackets start Bob. This is an advantage for Columbus, this will be Lundqvist's 3rd start in 4 nights. The man may be great but the Jackets are going come out strong early, throw everything they have at him, make him crane left and right non-stop. Doing this they can, and will, take the lead early and grind out a win showing New York what a ruined home opener feels like. Look for more hard hits in the corners and at least 2 fights from some hard feelings after last night's game where the refs let everything slide on both sides.


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