12 October 2015

Foligno Vs Foligno

Game three of the regular season, and after a lack luster start against the Rangers the Jackets are looking to find their footing against a Buffalo team that has had the same amount of success. 

The Jackets came out strong in this one putting seven shots on goal in the first period. The shot total was equal to buffalo, what wasn't equal though were the chances created. The chances the Jackets had to score vastly outnumbered that of the Sabers. The Jackets are finally producing, on the defensive side of the ice, enough to give their offense a chance to create plays. This is also helping out Bob not have to make forty plus saves per night.

Period two began with both teams still in the hunt for their first goal of the afternoon. The Sabers struck first three minutes in to the period. The Sabers really took to the offensive out shooting the Jackets 8-1 in the first five minutes of the period. This along with some on ice shenanigans really upset Boll who took five on for trying to spark the Jackets and throw down with Deslauriers. After Boll spent the thirty second fight hammering Deslauriers's face in like he was tenderizing a tough steak, the refs called it and sent them to the box. This was the second penalty for the Jackets after Foligno got called for hooking Eichel which led to the first score of the night and the last few seconds of the power play. If I could summarize the second period in a few words it would read something along the lines of "And the Sabers again go and fail on the power play". Yes the only conceded goal was on the power play but in all fairness for as many chances the Sabers only scoring the once looks really bad. Borque had an amazing chance to tie the game up but just barley missed the net. He and everyone watching could see the amazing opportunity that was missed to tie the game up. The period ends with a frustrated Jackets team down by one with only twenty minutes to close the deficit.

Going into the third we see a typical Jackets stat line, Out shot (by ten SOG), down in goals, higher PIM, higher hit total, low takeaways, and a majority of faceoff wins. The Sabers have given the puck away eight times going into the third period. These takeaways yielded great offensive opportunities for the Jackets but they were not able to capitalize on them (something they needed to change in the third to avoid going 0-3).

Coach Krumm's Keys to the third: SHOOT MORE THAN YOU GET SHOT ON! It's basic, if you are on offense more than you are defense chances are you're going to score.

Period three yielded another Power Play goal thanks to a tripping penalty by Foligno. However the Jackets gotr right back into the mix after a divining effort by Saad put one in the back of the net. And just when you thought the Jackets were getting back into the mix Bob lets us down again taking a bad angle on a shooter and the Jackets are down 3-1. Bob is really letting this team down with his performance over the past three games. Preseason he was talked about as a vezina trophy candidate, tonight and against the Rangers he looked more like Foresberg. The Jackets were able to close the gap once again to make it 3-2 before Buffalo put what should have been an easy save in past Bob again. This would finish the scoring giving Buffalo their first win of the season 4-2 against a team some had going to the Cup Finals. 

A disappointing start for the Jackets. Penalty minutes are far to high, and chemistry is not what it should be for this team. Wednesday night we should hopefully see a team that is in unison and can come out and lay the hammer down on the Senators from Ottawa. 


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