21 March 2016


Well cannon crew I'm back after my hiatus to work with Union and Blue as their editor.

NEW TO THE CANNON PLEASE WELCOME NICK ENGLE! Nick is an avid Blue Jackets fan and for the site will be our resident Scream Sargent, posting opinion pieces on his feelings about what has taken place both on and off the ice. ***WARNING*** Nick's language filter is broken and will not be getting repaired anytime soon. So be advised his pieces are possibly not friendly to younger readers. 

To start things off I want to voice my opinion (as this is becoming a dividing issue among jackets fans) about the beloved Columbus net minder Sergei Bobrovsky. Bob is back in the lineup and all feels well and right in the capital. Or does it? Well for this fan it is not. Bob is a wonderful asset and a great goaltender when he is 100%. But he clearly isn't 100% or at least he doesn't act like he is. He is clearly playing with some hesitation. Now weather or not that hesitation is due to him not being 100% healthy or it is in his self confidence as a net minder is up for debate. I'm leaning towards the later portion which brings me to young blood Joonas Korpisalo. Korpi has been playing the starting role now for a good chunk of the season and in 27 games the rookie has gone 14-9-4 which is better than Bob who has gone 12-16-1 in his 31 games. 


I do understand that in some of Korpi's games he was facing teams who threw in their #2 goaltenders.

HOWEVER Korpi is playing with his hair on fire. He is getting beat on some play that a veteran wouldn't, and he is making some foolish calls. But that doesn't mean he shouldn't be looked at as our #1 net minder. He is growing everyday, he learns from his mistakes and has the potential to lead the league here in a few years. Where he differs from Bob is that Korpi is playing consistent and needs true experience. 

In my oh so humble opinion Bob should have been scratched or benched for the remainder of the season and we throw him in only to avoid Korpi from having a back to back game. This would increase Korpi's confidence and skill level. It could also lead the Jackets to trade Bob and Mac for a truly stellar backup that we can trow in and feel confident that we can walk out with a "W". This trade while hard to accept at first for Columbus would open up some serious salary room to get some great free agents in defensemen or even forwards (though I don't think this organization needs any more forwards).

Anyways that's all for now cannon crew I look forward to writing more later and I really look forwards to what nick has to offer us.


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