10 October 2015

The sun doesn't shine over Columbus

In the first period we saw a continuation of the 3rd period last night. It was all Rangers for the first seven minutes as they capitalized on some really amazing chances. The Jackets did try and mount an aggressive comeback with a shot that vanished into thin air; thin air being Lundqvist's leg pad. The call on the ice was no goal which  The physical play of last night was pretty much non existent this evening. These goals began to deflate the Jackets, but what really declared them was the amazing goaltending of Lundqvist.

Period 2 gave the Jackets some of their best offensive chances, chances thwarted by some truly amazing goaltending. One so amazing that Joey had an open net and Lundqvist makes a diving save from behind the net with the tip of his stick. The Jackets entered the third down by 4 after the Rangers scored just seconds into their first power play of the evening.

The last period of regulation began without Bob between the pipes!?!?! McElhinney comes in to try and turn things around. Two minutes into the third and the Rangers go up 5-0.  It was five minutes in when the Jackets FINALLY put one in off the pads of Lundqvist after he made 3 amazing saves. The Jackets will not leave MSG with a goose egg. Calvert almost put one through but yet again Lundqvist comes up with a save of the year cartwheeling and laying down. By my count if Lundqvist was a human being and not a god figure the score should have been 5-5. Frustrated and tired the Jackets were itching for a fight, stalberg obliged and Hartnell and Foligno showed him what for and all got 2 for roughing. With six to go in the game booked puts one in on the power play making it 5-2 and the Jackets went back on the power play, there is life there was hope in the Jackets lines, albeit a small flicker but hope nonetheless. This hope would ultimately amount to nothing as the Jackets fall 5-2.
The Jackets should not place much stock in this loss as they played from behind well and in the eyes of everyone but the hockey gods they won that game, or at least put it into OT.

If Lundqvist's godlike abilities remain intact through the season there is no way the cup isn't going to New York.


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