23 June 2016

By: Phil Krumm

The term "don't rock the boat" is not a term that the Jackets front office likes to hear. This past season we watched an incredible trade of our number one center Ryan Johansen for a promising up and coming defensmen Seth Jones. This trade shocked some and met others expectations, whatever your opinion on the matter is, the deal is done.

However in continuation of the "rock the boat" trend the Jackets have released information that they're shopping around with starting goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky AND with current newly minted captain Nick Foligno. And to put the cherry on top that number three overall pick in the draft tomorrow might change as well. Jarmo has been looking into what he can get in exchange for it. 

Trading away your number one center is one thing, but trading the number 3 draft pick, your starting goalie, and your captain as well? This is nothing short of a fire sale in the Jackets organization. The upper brass I'm sure is livid over how the season turned out for the once playoff hopeful Jackets. But how else did you expect it to go when you go 0-8-0 to start the season? And in a season that any time the Jackets one so did everyone else in the Metro. The point differential never decreased and the Jackets sat at the bottom of the division with no chance of crawling out of that god awful hole.

The question the Blue Jackets face now is, "do you wait and see how you can develop next year?" or "do you have this insane fire sale and bring in a bunch of rookies and hope for the best...in 5-7 years?"

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